Wednesday, 15 December 2010


I don't know if you'll ever see this. I can't think of how you'd end up finding this page, but I'm going to try it anyway.  Maybe someone else out there will find it for you.  Maybe someone else knows where you are.  But everything else has failed. Miserably. Every email I send you bounces back like your address doesn't even exist anymore.  Your phone number doesn't work. Your family won't talk to me, but that's nothing new. No one else has seen you since you left. I'm trying this now. I have to do something.
I'm going to find you, Hannah, or help you find me.  I'm going to help you, if you'll let me. We'll figure this out together, and even if we can't figure it out, we'll make it through. I promise. I'm going to help you.

I'm not going to let him hurt you.

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