Monday, 27 December 2010

Reaching out

I said I was going to get more proactive about this. My attempts to call Hannah's parents yesterday made it clear that I'm not going to get any help for us if I don't start speaking louder. This isn't just to Hannah anymore, this is to anyone who finds this page, anyone who might have contact with her in any way.  Whoever you are, if you're with her, I hope you're helping her until I can. And I hope you're still untouched by whatever it is that's after us.  Another hope I have is that maybe there's someone out there who can shed light on what's going on. Is this happening to anyone else? We can't be alone. I know that we're not.

So to anyone reading, I should give some information. You can choose to believe me or not.

My name is Cam, obviously. Hannah is my girlfriend.  She disappeared on October 16th. She told me she was leaving but she didn't tell me where she was going.  She said she hoped that if she left, that if she got the hell away from everyone who knows her, she might be able to shake off what's been happening to us. I don't know where she went.  I've never gotten along very well with her family, and I think they blame me for what they think is Hannah's illness, so they won't give me any information they might possibly have.  Hannah isn't sick, though.  Not unless the entire world is.

We saw the man, or the thing that looks like a man, the first time in August.  We went for a walk in the park by the river at twilight. The streetlamps by the walkway came on, but there was one that wasn't working.  As we got closer we could see a man in a black suit standing under it.  Both of us knew something wasn't right about him.  He was very tall and thin. It was his arms that were wrong. They were too long, his hands went down to his knees.  He was watching us.  At least we felt like he was watching us. He was watching us, but he wasn't looking at us.  We couldn't see his eyes, or even dark shadows where his eyes should have been.  He didn't seem to have a face at all. He lifted one of his long arms and opened his hand as if to welcome us. 

That's when Hannah's nose started bleeding.  When we looked back at the man, he was gone and the lamp where he'd been was working. 

We thought at first that it was just some creep hanging out in the park. We actually got to believe that for a few days.  And then a week later we saw him again, this time as we were driving home from dinner one night. He was standing in the open playground beside the elementary school, a tall shadow in the fog.  The lights around the field revealed no facial features. We sped home and locked the doors. 

And then we saw him again, and again, and again.  We began seeing him separately, in different places and at different times.  We started seeing him in the day. A few times we called the police.  They couldn't do anything.

We both got very, very sick. I started throwing up every time I ate.  Hannah started having blackouts. Whenever she'd wake up she said she'd felt like something very cold was wrapped around her.  We both had coughing fits.  No doctor was able to find anything wrong with us. 

He's been stalking us since.  Our friends won't believe us.  Things came to a head in October when things in our house started showing up in places other than where we'd left them.  And some things showed up that had never been there before, photographs, notes, a couple of newspaper clippings that looked very, very old and smelled like mildew.  And always the man appeared to us, and always there were the dreams.  Consuming us.  Welcoming us. 

Hannah couldn't take it anymore.  She said she had to make herself disappear. She took all her pictures off my computer. She took all her notebooks, her cell phone, her laptop, and even the things that appeared in our house and burned them outside in the garden.  Someone called the police, but Hannah was gone before they arrived.  As far as I know, no one has seen or heard from her since. 

I'm going to find her.  No matter where I have to go or what I have to do.  I won't let her face this alone. 

If anyone knows where she is, please take care of her until I can.  Please tell her. And tell her to remember the mark.

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